Thursday, January 23, 2020

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[47] - (2x) Death Monster [48] - (3x) Chimera Hawk [49] - Luther sequence [II] Boss Fights / Forced Battles - Aquatic Gardens of Surferio [A.1] - Sculpture Lord and (2x) Sculpture Guard [III] Boss Fights / Forced Battles - Ancient Ruins of Mosel Underground [R.1] - Amoeba Giant [R.2] - Aurora Monster [R.3] - Spirit Trio [IV] Boss Fights / Forced Battles - Maze of Tribulations [M.1] - Render [M.2] - Succubus [M.3] - Basilisk King [M.4] - 9 Sets of Aqua Wisps [M.5] - Earth Dragon [M.6] - Springer [M.7] - Alei [M.8] - Mighty Vox [M.9] - Sootie [M.10] - Floor 8 Minibosses [M.11] - Gabriel Celesta [V] Boss Fights / Forced Battles - Sphere 211 (Floors 101 - 211) [S.1] - Norton Redux (floor 101) [S.2] - Enraged Crosell (floor 115) [S.3] - Shadow Dragon (floor 126) [S.4] - Vengeful Shelby (floor 137) [S.5] - Frenzied Biwig (floor 147) [S.6] - Green Thing (floor 159) [S.7] - Arch Demon (floor 170) [S.8] - Angry Azazer and Raging Belzeber (floor 181) [S.9] - Furious Berial (floor 192) [S.10] - Super Blair (floor 200) [S.11] - Lenneth (floor 210) [S.12] - Ethereal Queen (floor 211) [S.13] - Freya [VI] Boss Fights / Forced Battles - Urssa Cave Temple [U.1.1] - Albel and Romero [U.1.2] - Nel and Zorto [U.1.3] - Peppita and Hodge Podge [U.1.4] - Roger and Farbnil [U.2] - Fayt + Whoever he was paired with in the ending [VII] Albel [Al.1] - Albel 2 [Al.2] - Albel 3 [Al.3] - Albel 4 [VIII] Gemity Arena [G.1] - Reigning Champions =============================================================================== Abbreviations and Introduction [In] =============================================================================== Abbreviations: -AAA: Anti-Attack Aura. There are two main types of attacks in this game: Strong and Weak. If a weak attack is launched at a target that is at 100% fury, the attack will be guarded and an Anti-Attack Aura emitted. There are a variety of Anti-Attack Auras available in the game, but the best overall is the first one you get, called Standard. It simply emits a beam towards the attacker that, when it hits, causes Stun. On the other hand, a Strong attack launched a target with 100% fury will break the target's guard and reduce its fury to 50%. The terms "AAA" and "guard" are interchangeable. -HP: Hit points; Consumed when using physical battle skills. You die (are "incapacitated") when your HP reaches 0. The same is true for enemies. -MP: Magic points; Consumed when using magical battle skills and Spells (Symbology). You die (are "incapacitated") when your MP reaches 0. The same is true for enemies. This leads to some interesting options against foes with high HP but low MP. =============================================================================== Introduction: I wanted a comprehensive faq for every single "forced" battle in the game.

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